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What is life coaching?

Just as a CEO sets the vision and strategy of a company, you can set a vision and strategy for living your best life. By using your inner wisdom as a guide, we can find and fulfill your life’s purpose.

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Hey there overachiever!

Coach Eve here.

My name is Kellee Eve Mannix, but you can call me Coach Eve. I’m a Life Coach and educator, here to help people achieve a life worth living. I’m an expert in asking deep questions so you can have some massive breakthroughs. I’m a guide for you to start making big shifts towards the life you want to live. Heck, the life you are meant to live. If you’re ready, I’d love to help you find your way back to yourself.

"Eve is an incredibly skillful coach. Every session is a transformative process and I feel lighter after each conversation. I know that I have grown personally and professionally, and it is due in very large part to her guidance and ability to give me the tools that I use daily."

"Before coaching I felt like I had no focus or professional/personal guidance. I felt it was time to find someone who was an expert in coaching. I was in a difficult place in my life professionally, and having someone who listened intensely, give me action oriented guidance, and provided me with resources and tools was extremely helpful."

"I felt like Eve was a source of unconditional support during our coaching sessions, which everyone needs. She provided a fresh perspective, listened authentically, and fostered a sense of trust in being her authentic self and encouraging me to be my authentic self too."

The secret to navigating change

What I know about you is that you have dealt with a lot of change. And for whatever reason, you are not crushing this life-is-always-changing-thing… yet.

Learn the powerful framework from author Martha Beck to navigate life’s most challenging changes in this free video lesson.


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